Collection: FAQS

How long till the project is finished?

pieces can take anywhere from 3-5 months depending on the pieces ordered. Because it takes 2 weeks to dry fresh flowers upon arrival & each mold takes about 7-9 layers of resin that cure for 24-48 hrs. each. Resin work can be quite a long wait but we stay in touch throughout the process, so you will have an idea of when it will be finished.

How do I ship my flowers?

After you have reserved your spot with me through messenger. An invoice email will be sent with specific packing instructions for fresh or dried flowers. Please follow the instructions and avoid Plastic of any kind it can severely impact the flowers by causing mold during travel. 

When should I contact you about preserving my bouquet?

As soon as you can so I can first, reserve your spot but also give you tips on how best to keep your bouquet in awesome preserving condition during your wedding. 

If I’m local to Central Valley California can I drop off my bouquet instead of shipping?

100% yes! If you can drop off because you’re local, I would definitely make the trip because it saves so many different ways they can be damaged in transit. Plus it is so nice to meet you & put them in silica right away. 

How long after my wedding will you take my flowers?

If there’s been no contact before your event still message me and I can see if I have openings. The hardest part about flowers is they are living things so you mostly have a 3-4 day window after the event including travel to have them arrive without aging damage.