Collection: What to Expect

Here are a few answers to how to treat & care for your piece 

First avoid placing your piece by a heat source such as a fireplace mantle or in direct sunlight. All epoxy chemistry will gain an amber tint over a long period of time but we use a product with advanced UV inhibitors. If this placement is considered you can expect a clear beautiful block for years to come.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all the flowers can look exactly as they did on your wedding day. Throughout the drying & casting processes some flowers such as white or delicate petals flowers may react to epoxy chemistry by having translucent spots. Also some colors such as red, pink, purples due tend to darken in color when dried.

To clean your pieces because they are almost a plastic it’s best to use wax & a microfiber towel to polish/buff all scuffs or marks made over time